FPD Tool #6 - Article Marketing

Article marketing helps drive trafficAnother of our first page domination “power ranking services” is article marketing.

The reason why article marketing is so effective in boosting your search engine presence is due to two reasons.

  1. The search engine algorithms demand fresh, good quality content.
  2. The quality of traffic well-written, well-optimized articles can generate.

Not many marketing tools can produce the type of highly targeted traffic and search engine positioning that article marketing can.

Pushing Out Content Brings You Quality Traffic

The great thing about article marketing is that you never really have to guess what type of traffic you will be receiving to your site.  People come because the article they’ve found and have read is directly tied to the problem they’re trying to solve or the item they are searching for.  In other words – by pushing out quality, concise articles about the solutions people are looking for, articles that are highly optimized for the search engines… GETS YOU SOLID SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS.

Written Using Proven Direct Marketing Principles

But just because you write any article doesn’t mean you’ll get the success you crave.  Articles need to have good headlines, sub-heads, they need to be highly optimized with your prominent keywords.  “How-to” articles, “Top 10″ articles, articles that discuss the problems and issues people are dealing and how they can be solved – are all good topics.

Power Distribution Services to Highly Ranked Article Directories

The best written article may never be found unless it’s skillfully optimized for the search engines and carefully distributed to the right article directory sites on the Internet.  Once your article is shared through our network - the First Page Domination Process begins.

It is about knowing what to write about, how to structure the article, and where to send it.  That’s what we do.  We write the articles for your audience, optimize them for the search engines and release them to our vast network of highly rated article distribution sites for maximum exposure.

Call or contact us to discuss how our article marketing services can help your website rankings!


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