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FirstPageDominator.net SEO Process MapHere you go.  The following map is a streamlined version of our SEO foundational map.  Another one of our Internet marketing tools – our process map will show you how to get your web pages categorized properly and give you the greatest opportunity to get your pages optimized for the first page of Google.  This is a step-by-step process map that includes:

  • definition and length of a good title tag
  • definition and length of a good description tag
  • where to place your important keywords and keyword phrases throughout your web page
  • how to develop navigational links and the importance of using keywords in those links
  • page nomenclature
  • back-linking strategy

Remember… the search engines will never find you or index you if your web pages aren’t optimized correctly.  Don’t wait – get this today!  It’s FREE.

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