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Ironclad GuaranteeOur program is a comprehensive solution of solid SEO principles, Internet marketing strategies and well-optimized content distribution channels.  We combine expert SEO services with video, article, social media, press release and local marketing to help you build a very powerful web-presence that crushes all competition.

And now the real truth.  This is not a magic bullet.  This involves work.  More important – “smart, consistent work”.

Your website isn’t going to magically jump to #1 in Google, Yahoo or Bing overnight.  Your phone and email box won’t all of the sudden explode with new messages from people who want to spend money with you, not immediately anyway.  But in a relatively short period of time, your website will climb in the search engines.  You’re business will begin to rank for more search terms.  And you’ll be showing up more at the front of the search engines with your website and your content – essentially opening up multiple links (ROADS) to your business. 

Someone is Searching on the Internet Right Now – FOR YOU.

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people are using Internet search engines over the Yellow Pages, direct mail or newspaper ads and other traditional local marketing routes to get what they need.  Click on the 2 minute video below “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”, by David Meerman Scott.  David travels the world to share his most cutting edge Internet marketing strategies... and his short video will provide some insight into what's happening ALL OVER THE WORLD!  Someone is searching for information right now (in your wheelhouse) and quite possibly ready to spend money.  The beauty of the Internet is that you could show up – right at the precise moment in time your prospect is searching.  But… are you doing that?

Let Us Help You Dominate the First Page Results for Your Keyword Search Phrases.

Please permit me to ask a question.  If being found is what matters… what if we could help you "show up" at the right time on the first three pages of Google, or Yahoo or Bing? You may wonder what that would look like.  We can show you.

But… we only work with a few clients at a time and only one per specialty so as to not dilute the effect of our program.  If you are interested in learning more – contact us via email or give us a call to discuss.

As a client – we’re focused on your business – getting you to the front page of the search engines will be fun!  It really is a pleasure to help clients improve their exposure on the web.  Today, many small business owners are struggling financially.  It’s a battle for many – just to keep the door’s open.  And throughout history, in tough economic times, those that looked to differentiate with good marketing, survived.

These next few years will define who you are.  Are you a survivor?

By retaining our services you will receive detailed, expert advice.  We always operate with integrity and with your marketing “well-being” in mind.  View some of our First Page Domination Services here.

A Proven, Cost-Effective Solution With Some Guarantees…

What makes us different is that we offer all of our clients an “iron-glad” set of 10 guarantees.

  1. We'll help optimize your online collateral for maximum exposure and ranking
  2. We’ll eliminate the hassle and frustration with managing and optimizing your own website.
  3. You’ll be telling your family and friends to “dial in” your keywords into the search engines to get their reactions.
  4. You will displace your competition with a multi-targeted approach for keyword ranking
  5. You’ll have other lead generating “soldiers” marching across the web, positioning themselves on blogs, social media networks and other content sharing sites for more exposure to your business.
  6. You will have strategic landing pages with automated follow-up email messages that keeps your marketing on auto-pilot.
  7. New traffic avenues will be created opening up more opportunities for new sales.
  8. Your marketing messages will reach more people and resonate deeper.
  9. You will be more regimented and targeted in your approach than ever before.
  10. You will hold yourself accountable to do only “smart” marketing and promotion.  Every $1 in marketing you spend will return you $2 to $3 or more.

Search engine optimization is the process of refining web content to match the needs of the search engines.  There are hundreds of algorithms that go into any one search engine's ranking calculation - and therefore impossible for any company to guarantee or predict first page rankings.

However, most search engine marketing companies know that when web content is optimized properly and consistently - rankings improve.  Know this - of the millions of websites in the universe... a great percentage of them are not optimized for the search engines.

Partnering and working with a good SEO company - will help you "LEAPFROG" over them and grab the best rankings you can!  If at any time we don't keep up with our commitment to you, you have every reason to ask for your money back.


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