FPD Tool #3 - Local Search Marketing

The Local Search Revolution Has Arrived!

Another one of our first page domination “power ranking services” is our local niche marketing solutions.

What is local search?  Simply put – local search is the Internet’s version of the phone book.  But.. picture a million paper phone books combined and on steroids, capable of providing you with instant results for a gigantic, information-hungry and time-challenged prospect and customer base.

And – the this “phone book” is faster, more dynamic, and far more responsive.  Here’s an example, suppose you’re in New York staying at the Hilton hotel on Avenue of the Americas and you need to find an Italian restaurant?  No problem.  Just search Google Maps for the address of the hotel you’re staying at followed by the phrase “italian restaurant” and you’ll instantly find about a dozen Italian restaurants within walking distance of your hotel – complete with customer reviews.

Local search marketing with first page domination strategiesPick the one that suits you – click “Get directions”, and Google instantly gives you a map with detailed directions by foot, car (see below) or public transit…

This is extremely important for you in your town and city.  Your business needs to be listed.  We get your accounts set up and get your business listed in Google local, Yahoo local and MSN/Bing local. 

Then we optimize your listing for best results.

Considering the speed at which local search is evolving – there’s no time like now to secure your business listings online.

To have your business listed in the major local directories – is the first step in the First Page Dominator system.  It’s a carefully planned process from creating your listing, knowing which keywords to use and how to lay out your business description that makes it easier for the search engines to rank you.  It’s also a tedious and time-consuming process.  Our local search marketing program is a DONE 4 U service.  It’s a cost-effective service for someone who doesn’t have the time to implement.  Let us know how we can help.

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