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You have specific needs. Each situation is different and requires a specific “touch”. These are our core programs.

Website marketing diagnostic auditBaseline Review & Strategic Marketing Plan Development

We start each client engagement with a 10 Point Website Marketing Audit - a full review of your business, your process, how you generate leads, how you stimulate referrals and how you build relationships with your customers. We review your website, your copy, your keywords and take a “snapshot” of where you are right now – let’s call that your baseline. We’ll perform a comprehensive review of good keywords and make recommendations on building or strengthening your foundation. We’ll also do an Internet SWOT analysis of your competition. Depending on your baseline status, e.g., website strength, keyword research, link penetration, and overall project budget – we’ll roll out your tailored plan for ‘first page domination’.

On-page search engine optimizationOn Page Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services start with keyword research (how people will find you) and then we optimize your website with the right keywords, meta tags, title tags and description tags AND ensure you have the right website “wire-archy” and “architecture” (essentially how your internal navigation is structured) that is search engine friendly.

“Friendly” means – the search engine ‘robots’ can easily navigate your site and index your pages so you can rank properly. On page SEO is EXTREMELY important to having your website show up.

Off-page search engine optimizationOff Page Optimization / Back-Linking

Part of your website marketing success is related to the strength of your “On-Page SEO”. However, 7 out of 11 of the most important variables that go into Google’s super-secret search algorithm is related to the concept of “back-linking”. What is “back-linking?” Think of it as a popularity contest. In world of websites, a back-link is a link to your site from another site. And the more links that are out there pointing back to you – the better. So, our “back-Link” program is finding solid websites to feature your link. Google, Yahoo and Bing love this because essentially a link to your site is very similar to a “vote” for your site. And simply put – the more votes you have, the more relevant you’ll be and the better you’ll rank. So… when you hire us, we find those sites and get links from them to you.

Here Are Two Very Important Quotes From Google.

"Thematic incoming links from authority sites carry more weight than on-page optimization."

~Matt Cutts – Sr. Google Engineer and unofficial Google SEO spokesman)


"Google interprets a link from Page A to Page B as a vote for Page A to Page B. Votes cast by pages that are themselves more important weigh heavily and help make other pages important."

~ Google on creating a “Google-Friendly Site”

SEO link campaign strategy and tactics“Feeder Page” Content Marketing

  • Social Media & Blogging: We add your site and content to good blogs and social media sites
  • Article Marketing: We write articles, on your behalf that are optimized for the search engines and distribute them to our “intense” distribution network
  • Video Marketing: We create videos about your solutions and services, optimize them for the search engines and distribute them to our vast video sharing network.
  • Press Release Distribution: We help optimize and distribute press releases to our highly ranked PR network.
  • Local Search Marketing: We help get you into the local directory networks optimized for “mobile” search
  • Pay-Per-Click DONE 4 U: We’ll set up and manage your campaigns, monitor traffic, help set up landing pages and provide ongoing feedback -  protecting your investment every step of the way.

The end result is that we “HIT” the search engines from multiple angles – providing content-rich material that ranks on the first page and speaks to your solutions and services – essentially “raising the traffic bar” for your Internet presence and business.

Reach out to us today. Let us help you get First Page Domination.


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