FPD Tool #7 – Social Media Marketing

Do you “tweet”?  Are you “Linked”?  Does your business have “fans”?

Do you participate in social media?

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – WHY?

Simply put, they are the present-day networking channels.  Similar to “business after hours” networking events – people are now also meeting up online.

Because more and more customers and clients are on the net – a major function of your marketing is to “be present”.  If you can make it easier for them to find you – do it.  If they’re socializing with people they trust and you’re not there – get there.  One of our first page domination “power ranking services” is social media and networking integration.


Traditional advertising has changed.  People are looking to their internal social networks for advice, recommendations, suggestions and help.

It doesn’t take much for someone with a problem in a certain area to pose a question to their 400 Facebook friends and get their help or reach out to their LinkedIn business network for advice… or even just “tweet”… “can anyone help me with this?”  This is their circle of influence.

But participation can take time.  Building your profiles and interacting with other members and followers can be time consuming.

We have “DONE 4 U” services where we’ll set up these accounts for you and hand them over for you to easily manage them in an ongoing fashion.  There are short-cuts to working in these areas that we can help you with.  OR – if you choose, we can manage them entirely for you.  You decide.

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