FPD Tool #5 - Video Marketing

Web video marketingThere is no doubt that online video has changed the Internet paradigm.  VIDEO is really important to getting fast, prominent rankings for your business.  Not only that – people do business with those that they “know”, “like” and “trust”.  What better way for your audience and customers to get to “know”, “like” and “trust” you than through video.

One of our first page domination “power ranking services” is video marketing.

What Kind of Videos Do We Create?

There are a multitude of different videos that can be created on your behalf.  You can offer educational videos, problem solving videos, training videos, marketing videos, videos with you speaking, videos that are PowerPoint based, videos with words and music and video slideshows.  But the bottom line is this – by working with our team – we can create a simple or big production video about you, your company, and/or the solutions that you provide and through our advanced network of video distribution partners – shoot straight for the top of the search engines in the SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME!

Why Does Video Marketing Work?

I can’t get into our SECRET SAUCE of how we combine direct response marketing, with highly optimized videos scientifically distributed to over 50 video and social media networks – that’s for a personal discussion.  But I will say – there is nothing more powerful or more effective in our arsenal to get you to the top of the search engines.

Call or contact us to discuss how our video marketing services can help your website rankings!


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