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Is NOW the right time to put an SEO plan in place?

With times the way they are right now – I understand the question and the concern… but I gotta tell you – there probably isn’t a better time, and here’s why:

  • Internet usage continues to explode and there isn’t a better way to spend your marketing dollars – especially in your local market.
  • This is the time to “cut out all the waste and fat” from your operation.  Remember – you are in the business of MARKETING… your product or service won’t exist in the minds of your prospects – without it.  So now is the time to do it right and cost effectively.
  • Smart phones have enabled people all over to search for whatever they need, right from the palms of their hands… and you need to show up when they do!
  • The cost for a good SEO campaign is probably much cheaper than you think… and the ROI can be huge!

There’s so much advice out there.  There’s a ton of free information too.  How do you navigate the vast web universe and know which information to trust, which may help or hurt you?

Can you learn how to perform SEO yourself?  Sure.  There is a lot to know, however.  And the landscape seems to change frequently.  There’s always something new to learn every week.

In the long run it would end up costing you more if you did it yourself – for sure.  There is definitely a ‘rule of order’ that can affect a campaign.  Knowing what to do and when to do it… is extremely important to the success of any campaign.  So - sure… you can do it yourself, but why would you want to?  It really comes down to a time and efficiency thing.  Unless your an auto mechanic by trade – you wouldn’t attempt to fix your car.  If given the chance, most people would hire a good attorney over representing themselves in a court of law, wouldn’t they?

Doing it yourself takes focus, patience and consistent action.  It also helps to have been in the SEO world for some time, learning the landscape, etc.,

Why Listen to Us?

  • Results-oriented focus.
  • Solid marketing situational knowledge.
  • 20 year background to B2C and B2B.
  • Expert First Page Dominator.

We’re experienced marketing professionals – serious marketers working in the financial, training and technology arenas since 1987. We’ve helped small business owners get noticed, plain and simple.  AND - the fact that we are an SEO and Internet marketing company in Cumming, GA does not at all limit our reach.

We work with business owners from all areas of the country.  And the truth is – we’re just as successful from 3,000 miles away as in our own backyard.  There is one major similarity occurring no matter which town you’re in… your customer is online. It has become too easy for them to find answers to their needs or problems – by dialing into Google.  To perform a quick search is much easier than pulling out the phone book.  And when they are looking… you need to “be present”.

Experience Counts!

Putting your trust in someone to help you succeed is not always easy, we get that.  When you’re ready to make that decision – think about these three items:

  1. What is you goal (more leads?  more downloads?)
  2. What is your total customer value? (the value of one customer to your business thru initial and repeat sales)
  3. What are you willing to spend to get that customer? (what ROI do you seek?)

We do this type of work everyday. We know what works and what doesn’t – let us help you get to the first page.

So… if you’re unsure what you need – look us up.  Reach out to us 770-888-7872. 

I promise you – during that time there will be no “selling” going on at all. 

But, if you grant me the opportunity to get to know your situation – together we can explore what it will take to get you to page one.

At that point – the decision is yours.



"George is a strategic thinker with real vision to help a company succeed in any situation that contronts it." ~ Richard Hyde, Atlantic Link, Inc., 

"We learned more about client attraction during our short time with George than the last 10 years combined." ~ Ivan Torres, Experience Mortgage Consultants Group

"Great work ethic, high integrity and good service. Would recommend." ~ Joel Holtzman, Excess Technologies, LLC

“I have known George for several years and enjoy any opportunity to share advice. I recommend George and his services with no reservations.” ~ Robert Funk, CMIT Solutions

"The value that George can add to a business is worth much, much more than what it costs to have him handle your next project."
~ Robert Landreth, CBeyond