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The Ultimate Marketing Plan is Here!

As you probably already know, Dan Kennedy is the best-selling author of at least 13 business books and the thoroughly updated, 4th edition of one of his first – and most popular – books, The ULTIMATE Marketing Plan, has just been re-released.

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Marketing for the Digital Age!

In this thoroughly revised and updated edition, Dan integrates such tools as social media, networking, and strategic memberships into a complete plan that will strengthen your customer bases. You’ll find NEW examples and marketing techniques. Dan offers an approach that will catapult your company to the cutting edge.

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In the lightning fast world of today’s business, doing things the same old way is a recipe for disaster. Plod along with the same old, tired marketing techniques, and the customers will fly past you. Dan’s revised and updated 4th edition of his classic book – The ULTIMATE Marketing Plan – is packed with Success Strategies for Today’s Marketplace