Need to write a new blog post and don’t know where to begin?

Look over yonder for good content...

Can’t think of new content? That’s fine – look over yonder, to some of posts you’ve written in the past. There’s gold in dem der hills!

Look over there for great content!

What content from a year or two ago (or less even) could be modified or updated to include a new slant on an old problem, new data for an old trend… or old information for a new trend. Bottom line – do you have a content asset that with a little polish and re-utilization, could attract new attention?

You might want to review an old blog post from 12 month’s ago and create a new post… cross-linking the two – and relating it to a specific trend of today. OR, yo umight consider turning articles into videos (or vice versa)… we have a great methodology here for doing that. It’s called our Article-9 Power Tool.

Content re-utlilization and re-optimization not only breathes new life into old content, it gives you a cost-effective way to re-purpose content that can work for you today – saving you time and money. No need to go back to the well or re-invent the wheel each time. Engaging in this process will help search engines and consumers rediscover the value you provide.

It IS…. that simple.