You have heard that doing keyword research is essential to website, video, and article success.  Virtually every piece of content you put out on the Internet must leverage good keywords.  It’s crucial to learn how to properly use the keywords that you’ve compiled.  There are two types of keywords that are in your list – the first is a shorter type that is 2-3 words long. This type of keyword phrase is one that you would like your website to get a high ranking for. In other words, when your target customers type this phrase into Google, you would like for your website to appear high up in the results list, ideally in the number one position.
The other type of keyword phrase is called a “long-tail keyword.” Those are longer phrases, usually 3-8 or more words long, and they’re ideal for using as part of your title and as the subject for your articles. These longer phrases are ones that you’d like an article, report or video to rank for (instead of your website).

The Title

Each article, blog post, video or other piece of content that you have “external” or “off-page” of your website must have an attention-getting title that must include your keyword or keyword phrase.

The Description or Resource box

Each piece of content will typically have a description or resource box, as well.  Make sure your are leveraging this area with a good sentence or two that includes again… your keyword or keyword phrase.  Very important.  The resource box is usually the area you put in information about the author.  This is also where you would feature your keyword as “anchor text” that has a link back to your website.  So instead of writing something like – “for more information on “keyword”, click here” (where “click here” is the link)… you would write – “if you would like more information on “keyword”, just follow the link (and have the keyword itself linked to your site).

Body Copy

In the case of an article, blog post or special report… your body copy must also feature a few sentences about your keyword or keyword phrase.  Here again you would want to have the anchor text of the link be your keyword.

Linking back to your website with your keywords is an excellent way to help Google associate your keywords with your website. When Google and the other search engines can see the association – it helps your website get a higher ranking when people do searches for that keyword term.