Most websites on the Internet follow a similar design foundation… a light background and dark text.  But – have you ever considered flipping that on its head?




Have you ever considered a darker background with a lighter font?  When done right… this technique can add a little DRAMATIC FEEL to your website.  Bright colors often look great on a dark background.  There are many sites that have embraced the “darkside” of the web design “force” and have had great success as a result.  Remember – it’s about engaging your audience.  You’ve worked hard, you’ve put in your SEO time and you are now showing up on the search engines in a great spot.  AND – you’re getting traffic.  The worst thing you can do at this point is to have a website that is boring looking with poor contrast that doesn’t spell “Exciting”.

Think about darkening your design.  For some example – check out this article!