When it comes to strategic web design – we focus on a very important prinicipal… creating websites that are search engine friendly right at the onset. To every website project, we believe there are 9 critical elements… “secrets”, that when applied and integrated correctly can transform your website from a static billboard or electronic business card – to an engaging and interactive website that attracts visitors and encourages them to take positive action.

Strategic Web DesignThe Website “9″

  1. Having a clear objective
  2. Keyword research
  3. Thematic consistency
  4. Navigation strategies
  5. Call to action elements
  6. Good, valuable content
  7. Social proof and trust
  8. SEO and social media
  9. Tracking

Having said that – this is what we do everyday. We just don’t “build” websites, we help you create your virtual customer service or salesperson.

Your website can be one of your greatest assets.  Are you leveraging your website the way you should be?  Or are you leaving business and new relationships on the table?