Cumming, GA Internet Marketing Company Asks – Is S.E.O. Important to Your Business' Survival?

That’s the question many local business owners are asking themselves, right now – more than ever before.

SEO in Cumming | Internet Marketing in CummingWhy? For some – it’s because the economy has forced their hand. For others, they’re beginning to realize that traditional marketing avenues just don’t work anymore.

Your customer is searching for solutions, services and products - on the Internet. Over $1 Billion local searches are performed online every month. Will they find you before they find your competition? How prominent a placement do you have in the search engines?

Don’t have the answers or know where to start?

Time For A Check-Up?

Having a website audit by a reputable SEO company is the place to start.

If we could share the most important thing that you can do for your business right now – without knowing you – it would be this…

“Get a snapshot of your current website health and strength and learn what you can be doing better to improve your traffic.

It IS so important."

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10 Point Website Marketing Audit.

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make With Internet Marketing

How is your website ranked in Google?  Can anyone find it on page one?  Do you rank well for your business' name?  If you do - that's good...BUT IT ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH.

The number one mistake I see business owners make is believing that ranking for their business' name... is enough.  This isn't the yellow pages folks.  Search engines are very powerful query tools.  Their job is to retrieve the best information back to the searcher from a database of a gazillion websites.  Their mantra is - "you ask"... and so "you shall receive".  And they choose who they show on page one by how "optimized" your website is.

The problem occurs when your prospect doesn't know your business' name, and is searching for a solution to a specific problem or solving a need.  If you only show up for your business name... unless you're a big brand company chances are no one knows you... nor will they find you.

Now... is the time to change that!

How Fast Can You Share Information With a Friend 3,000 Miles Away?

The world continues to change (at a rapid pace) with new technology that brings us closer, faster (Facebook), and gives us a front row seat to things happening around the world – sometimes seconds after they occur… (YouTube), and so… we learn faster and have access to more information… than we ever did years ago.

Only 20 short years ago - the 5:00pm and 11:00pm news were our only doses of TV news.  Only 15 years ago - photos were shared only at holidays, birthdays or when we got back from a vacation. TODAY… anyone with a Flip camera is a newscaster or can be a video marketing pro. New photos are being shared literally within seconds after their taken… with family 3000 miles away - with smart phone technology.

Instant, instant.  And when someone experiences a problem... they no longer pick up the yellow pages - they're typing keywords into Google.  In fact, right now someone is doing just that.  The good news is, today - you have the ability to put your business right in front of them... at the exact moment they hit the "search" button on Google's website. 

The questions remain... are you properly positioned in the search results?  Are they finding YOU or your competition?

HTC IncredibleThe Mobile Revolution Is HERE…

I bought my first cell phone in 1995. 15 years later – I’m two clicks away from taking a picture, shooting a video or looking up anything I want – knowing anything I want to know – in an INSTANT. Instant access to any piece of information I need, I want and desire – all with my mini, but very powerful pocket computer called my smart phone.

How powerful is that? So… with millions upon millions of “smart” phones out there, and Internet-based “local search” marketing skyrocketing… it only makes sense as a business owner to reserve some important real-estate on the Internet search engines – while you still can. Solid rankings don’t happen by accident. And for many businesses, unless someone searches for them by name, like “Phil’s Menswear”… they may never be found on the Internet for the words – “menswear store in Atlanta”. But – it’s critical that they are!

If someone is searching for a lawyer and they live in Charleston, they might type a search query into Google like “lawyer in charleston” or “charleston SC personal injury lawyer”, if that makes sense. And… if that’s the case, and you’re an attorney in Charleston, you want to make sure your website and content are optimized so Google and the rest push you to the top of the search engines.

Statistics Show Most People Don’t Go Past Page Three

When someone searches on the Internet for something, there are typically hundreds of pages returned with thousands of websites. Some search terms return millions. The point is – with all of those pages… only the first three matter. Studies show most people won’t click past page three. But to really dominate your market - you need to own various positions out of the top twelve (the first page and the first two listings on page two).

Have you been struggling these last 24 month’s weathering the storm of decreased revenue? It’s time to turn that around.

We are a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing services company located in Cumming, GA. Our main goal - to get your business onto the first page of the search engines – and get you in front of your prospects!

Over the years we’ve made friends with business owners from the following industries who were suffering from a poor or non-existent Internet presence: mortgage and financial, retail, legal, sales training, marketing, home improvement, medical meetings and events management, printing, beverage, industrial, construction, non-profit, search and rescue and more.

If you market your business on the Internet and are not getting the results you deserve – consider talking to someone who can help. If your customer base is local – something to look into is local Internet marketing. It’s so important and it’s less expensive than you may think. And if you work with a good SEO company – your ROI could be fantastic.

That’s what we do. Our clients hire us to be their Internet marketing partner. Marketing serves a bigger role than most people give credit to. Marketing is “attraction”. In order to attract – you must be in front of someone. With more and more people searching on the Internet – showing up is all that matters. But how can you ensure you’ll show up?

First Page Dominator Strategies at Work!

If you’re like many of our clients when they first inquire – tired, frustrated and ready to give up with trying to capture new clients from the Internet, I do understand.

By hiring us – we’ll help you to avoid and in many instance remove these issues from your operation:

  • being invisible to your clients, and tired of seeing all their money go to your competitors
  • no website traffic and lack of new leads or clients your website brings in each day
  • managing your website, wasting time re-sizing photos and images or wondering how the heck you can get video on your website
  • not ranking for the right search terms that your prospects are typing into Google
  • an economic downturn and no marketing foundation to fall back and re-invigorate your processes

Our goal is to offer our clients the best “tailored” marketing optimization services at a cost effective price. We really do believe that you should pay for services only in proportion to the amount of value you receive.

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